Tuskegee police ID second suspect in shooting of 5 at party

Tuskegee police ID second suspect in shooting of 5 at party

The Tuskegee Police Department is asking the community for any information that may lead them to a man wanted for questioning in connection to the Jan. 11, 2015 shooting at an off campus party that left 5 people injured.

Investigators are looking for 24-year-old Robert Bernard Reynold, Jr. He is to be considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached. Reynold is 5'4" and weighs approximately 120 lbs. Anyone who knows the location of Reynold is asked to call the Tuskegee Police Dept. at 334-727-0200.

While authorities seek the location of Reynold, they've already arrested and charged another person in the case. Chief Lester Patrick says 22-year-old Rishod Shermaine Fields, a Tuskegee resident, faces four counts of attempted murder. He was taken to the Macon County Jail earlier in the week where he is being held on a $200,000 bond. Investigators say more charges associated with the fifth victim are possible.

Fields' arrest and the hunt for Reynold comes after five people were injured in an off-campus shooting near Tuskegee University's book store during a weekend party. Two males and two females were shot, and a fifth person was grazed by a bullet. The exact reason for the incident remains unclear.

"We do know there was a party, sponsored by students off-campus and some individuals attended the party, local individuals and they got into an apparent verbal altercation with a student and one of the suspects produced a handgun and began to fire," Patrick said.

The shooting incident is not the first time police have had to respond the residence on Chambliss Road.

"We've had to my recollection about two complaints in regards to traffic and one complete in regard to noise but it's not a continuous type situation. It's not a party house to our knowledge," Patrick said.

Police say at least 100 people were at the party the night the shooting took place. Chief Patrick encouraged anyone throwing a party, especially students, to be careful with how they promote the event on social media.

"We just want them to be cautious when they're having these parties and not go out and advertise on social media because the larger the crowds are, the more problems you may very well have. You don't know whose attending these parties if they're open to anybody," Patrick said.

The City of Tuskegee Police Department says three of the victims, one male and two females, are Tuskegee University students. The other two victims were not enrolled at the school but were attending the party. All five victims are expected to recover.

Tuskegee University representatives say they've visited and been in contact with the injured students and their families. Campus officials say they are cooperating with local law enforcement as part of the ongoing investigation.

Police say although they have who they believe to be the shooter in custody, they're still searching for another suspect.

"There was only one shooter but there was another individual involved. There was only one gun fired but there is another individual we're looking for. We just want to locate this individual so we can interrogate this individual and see if he will cooperate with us. But we do anticipate charges forthcoming against him," Patrick said.

According to family members, one of the victims was Ayden Harris, 19. The student was shot five times. Harris is currently listed in stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit at the East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika.

"He's in good hands here at the medical center. He's a real strong guy," said Carl Hemphill, Harris' uncle. "He's an A-student, pre-med, ROTC, he's part of a fraternity...a real cream of the crop I would say. And I'm real surprised that this incident took place and he was involved with it. So I'm still trying to figure it out and piece together what exactly took place."

Two other students, both female, were also struck once. Their identities have not been released yet. They are listed in stable condition. According to Latonya Fields, the mother of the fourth victim, her son was taken to an area hospital by a family member with a non-life-threatening injury."Any time Tuskegee University students are involved in any altercation of this nature, it's a very sad day for the university," said Edward Brown, Chief of Staff at Tuskegee University. "Our primary concern is for the students and their families, which is why we have done everything to touch base with them. They are in stable condition and we look forward to them coming back and re-engaging with the campus community as soon as possible."

The University is also conducting its own investigation to run parallel with the city's to determine whether there have been any violations of the student code of conduct policy pertaining to off-campus activities.

At this time, the University is most concerned with the health and welfare of the students who were injured or impacted during this incident. Counseling services are being made available to those who have been impacted by this incident. They may contact the Counseling Center at 334-727-8244.

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