County Road 12: Sprouting Flour Company

County Road 12: Sprouting Flour Company
(Source: WSFA 12 News)
(Source: WSFA 12 News)

BULLOCK CO., AL (WSFA) - There's a company right in our own backyard that is the largest producer of its product in the country and it all started out in a kitchen with a mason jar.

In the back roads of Bullock county this business is sprouting for about a decade. It all started with a woman in her kitchen with a big idea.

"It's just a nice wholesome whole grain flour" Peggy Sutton with the Sprouting Flour Company says, "I was just trying to feed myself and my husband better and I've always loved to cook. So I got some mason jars and sprouted some wheat berries, dried them, and milled them, and made some bread. It was fabulous."

That was the start of the, "To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company." So what makes this different from traditional flour? Peggy says it's just a matter of grinding wheat berries into flour and packaging it.

"With us we get the grain. We germinate it. It goes to our sprouting room and then our drying room.  That dries the sprouted grain at low temperatures and that maintains all that goodness we produced with sprouting." according to Peggy.

It takes 4 times a long to get the finished product but Peggy says its worth the wait. They are the leading producer of sprouted flour in the US.  But it's not just flour.  You can pretty much sprout anything, oats, rice, corn, or even grits. A lot of its products are even gluten free.

Peggy admits running your own business is a lot of work, but this operation in Bullock County won't be a secret too much longer.

Peggy says, "So now we've go cook books coming out with recipes using sprouted flour. There are also cereals coming out using our products."

Hope they have plenty of room out here because business is good on County Road 12.

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