These 11 cars got the best face-lifts in 2016

Published: Sep. 15, 2015 at 8:33 PM CDT
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Vehicle manufacturers redesign their models year over year to align with buyers' tastes. In some instances, this works to their advantage, as people respond favorably to the face-lift and purchase the new model at a higher rate. In other cases, the change can fall flat, lessening the appeal of the model and automaker.

There are some manufacturers that generally got it right this year in redesigning models that capture a wide audience's attention. AxleGeeks identified 11 new 2016 models that have exceptional face-lifts over their old looks.

During its unveiling, the 2012 Maybach 62 model looked like something straight out of the '80s. Mercedes-Benz responded by giving the Maybach a new face and the results are striking. The biggest changes to its exterior are a uniformed color and contemporary design.

The interior harnesses the perfect blend of luxurious comfort and functionality. The fluidity of the instrument panel makes it easy for drivers to access controls quickly. Overall, the improvements in design will appeal more to the modern driver's design tastes, while also honoring the model's rich heritage.

When Acura decided to make a new model of its legendary sports car, the manufacturer understood it needed a face-lift. However, when Acura revealed its new NSX model, it surprised many people.

The new model is a work of art. Acura designed the 2016 NSX with form and function in mind. The fluid body lines will appeal to sports-car enthusiasts, while also aiding in performance. Its sculpted body panels give it a contemporary look that is sure to grab the attention of onlookers.

Its fastback rear shape and long hood add to this model's stunning new design. Its low body weight enhances the car's sporty profile, while delivering a more exhilarating drive.

Inside, drivers will experience an impressive cockpit. Its interior echoes an aviation theme evidenced by the bold center console and wing-like dashboard. It also features comfortable seat textures made from high-quality Nappa leather.

When comparing the 2016 BMW 7 series to its predecessor, it is apparent BMW aimed for a more dynamic design. The manufacturer did away with the rounded exterior body, opting for a more angular design in the 2016 model. Its new lightweight Carbon Core body makes the car more agile.

The changes also extend into the interior. New for this model is the touchscreen with gesture control. This feature uses an infrared camera to pick up movements. Twirling your finger clockwise in front of the screen will increase audio volume, for instance. The interior also has ambient lighting and leather cross-stitching seats.

This legendary sports car is back and it looks better than ever. Crisp touches to its body, such as the intakes and front grille, are attention-grabbing.

Designed to minimize aerodynamic drag, its wide aluminum fenders, rear valance and rockers work together to deliver an impressive driving experience. Completing its look is the sharp racing stripe that helps it make a bold new statement.

The 2016 Nissan Maxima's design is a welcomed departure from its 2014 model. New for this year's model is sculpted body lines that give the car a sportier look.

Bolstering its sportier allure is its lower stance, taller front doors, angled rear doors and the departure of the ducktail spoiler found on previous models. These touches give the new Maxima a luxury-quality design that is sure to appeal to automobile enthusiasts.

The new design of the Pilot LX takes it away from the boxier shape. Its 20-inch alloy wheels and crisp LED headlights add to its striking appeal.

Inside, the 2016 Pilot LX offers passengers plenty of room to stretch their legs while enjoying luxurious comfort. Its fresh design and spacious interior make it a perfect choice for growing families.

The 2016 Acura ILX exudes power with its bold stance. Its higher angles, sharp body lines and redesigned front end gives this model a menacing edge its 2015 model lacked. The Jewel Eye LED headlights and available diamond-cut 18" alloy wheels enhance its bold new look.

The interior is equally appealing. Its crisp gauges, Lux Suede seating surfaces and ergonomic controls make driving this car as fun as it is to look at it.

The new design of this roadster embodies sleekness. Its body is lower and shorter in height than any of its previous models, giving it an agile stance. Mazda used expressive details such as the heritage lamps, ducktail spoiler and angular body lines to add to its improved profile.

The new Tucson SE from Hyundai has a sportier exterior design. Complementing its sporty allure is stretched out headlamps, a standard rear spoiler and a bigger chrome grille. Completing the face-lift is body colored mirrors to give it a crisp, uniformed appearance.

The newest model in Mazda's KODO design delivers a tight, sporty look in the front end with a slim grille and angled headlights. Its chrome accents, sculpted body lines and angled doors add to its visual appeal.

Its interior is the perfect marriage of function and simplicity. Its instrument panel and steering-wheel controls give drivers command of a wealth of functions with ease. Along with ergonomic controls, the design is simple and clean.

Each of these automakers has stepped up its design chops on these 2016 models. Sales will dictate whether these new looks will endure or be replaced with new features that grab buyers' attention.