Governor, Rep. Sewell meet to discuss statewide closings

Governor, Rep. Sewell meet to discuss statewide closings

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The governor and Congresswoman Terri Sewell met for around two hours behind closed doors Thursday.

The two were expected to discuss the closing of state parks, DMV's and armories around the state, especially in the Black Belt.

Terri Sewell called for a federal investigation into the closings of DMV's just more than a week ago. Sewell says the closings impact rural Alabamians more than any others as many of the closings are in the Black Belt.

Sewell saw support from Civil Rights leader Jesse Jackson and the Alabama Black Caucus.

The governor initially called Sewell's calls "impulsive" and that they were not based off facts.

Since then, both he and Alabama Law Enforcement Agency have taken steps towards reopening closed locations. ALEA Secretary Collier said he will ask the legislature for money to reopen those locations.

According to multiple lawmakers, the governor approached members of the black and rural caucuses with a proposal to reopen the closed locations in exchange for commitments they would vote for revenue measures this year.

Both sides said they would give the Raycom News Network a statement, but so far neither side have.

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