Wetumpka Tea Party President reacts to Justice Department IRS decision

Published: Oct. 24, 2015 at 2:32 AM CDT|Updated: Nov. 23, 2015 at 3:32 AM CST
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WETUMPKA, AL (WSFA) - Disappointment from the Wetumpka Tea Party in the findings of a US Justice Department investigation.

IRS officials will not face criminal charges, in the wake of an IRS scandal. IRS official Lois Lerner and others were accused of singling out political groups and delaying their applications for tax-exempt status.

The Wetumpka Tea Party was one of those groups and their leader ultimately testified before congress.

Becky Gerritson told Congress in 2013 that what the IRS did to her tea party group was un-American, and the Justice Department's decision released Friday, did little to change that sentiment.

"I think the American people are being completely disregarded and our government is just running over us," said Gerritson.

In a letter to Congress, the Justice Department admitted that the tax-exempt applications of several groups were delayed but not for political reasons. The investigation revealed gross mismanagement was to blame.

"They were sharing confidential taxpayer information through their personal email addresses, which is illegal for them to do. They shared over a million emails with the FBI, which is another government agency. The IRS is not allowed to share confidential taxpayer information. These are serious offenses. This is not mismanagement. This is not an accident. This is not a coincidence.  There was true targeting going on and I am livid that they are not being held accountable," said Gerritson.

Gerritson says she has emails that prove several federal agencies were colluding in a politically motivated matter, targeting conservative, pro-life and pro-Israel groups. "The government is asking citizens what they're praying about, what books they are reading, who they are associating with, it's like we're no longer living in America," she said.

The Wetumpka Tea Party President is challenging Martha Roby for the District Two Congressional Seat.  Gerritson said she recently decided to get into the race because of the "voting record with our current legislator."

"I am tired of this corruption happening on the highest level and one of my stands is to abolish the IRS, it is being used as a weapon against the American people and we need to take it back and we need to replace it with a tax system that is fair to all people," said Gerritson.

While the IRS scandal may be over, Gerritson is taking her fight to Washington.

Todd Stacy with Representative Martha Roby's office released the following statement to WSFA 12 News:

"Of course the Obama Administration dumps this news on a Friday when it will get buried by Clinton hearing coverage. Given the way the Obama Justice Department has contributed to a culture of lawlessness, it is no surprise that another official is evading accountability."  

The House voted to hold Lerner in contempt of Congress last year after she refused to answer questions at two House Oversight hearings. She has since retired.

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