Petition calls for impeachment of judge who demanded blood or jail time

MARION, AL (WSFA) - A petition demanding for the impeachment of an Alabama judge who offered credit in exchange for blood donations has reached 23,000 signatures.

Judge Marvin Wiggins told offenders, "For your consideration, there's a blood drive outside. If you don't have any money, go out there and give blood and bring in a receipt indicating you gave blood."

The Judge believed that blood donations would be an appropriate form of payment for the mostly low-income offenders, despite the offense.

The Care2 petition appeals to the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission, which has the power to file complaints with the court of the judiciary. The court of the judiciary may remove a judge.

"Care2 members are pushing back on this gross violation of bodily autonomy. They don't believe a judge who is complicit in this practice should remain in his position," says Julie Mastrine, Care2's Activism Marketing and Social Media Manager. "This is a practice that is the likely unconstitutional product of a state that over-arrests and over-fines the poor in the first place, often for victimless crimes like drug possession."

Judge Wiggins is a Circuit 4 judge in Alabama. He was first elected in 1999, and his current term doesn't end until 2016.

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