Chief Justice Moore: Court system employees deserve raises and promotions

Chief Justice Moore: Court system employees deserve raises and promotions

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Chief Justice Roy Moore and other court system leaders joined together on Tuesday to make a plea to Governor Robert Bentley.

Moore says the court system is all about justice and fairness, and now it's time to be fair to the system and the people who make it run.

Moore says due to insufficient funding, the judicial branch has done without promotions since 2008 and without raises since 2009. Insurance, retirement, and cost of living have all gone up but yet salary has not.

The Chief Justice says he understands the need for cuts only if cuts are made across the board. He claims other state employees are receiving merit raises and promotions. Now he says it's the court system's turn.

Moore says in the budget bill passed, the trial courts were gr anted a first tier $12 million conditional appropriation and he is asking the governor and finance director to release those funds.

"It's a sad occasion when I have to stand before the circuit clerks and circuit judges and district judges each year and tell them once again we're not getting merit raises and promotions. I intend somehow to see that we do this year," stated Moore.

The Chief Justice noted the executive branch has been able to give raises and promotions costing more than $18 million. It would only cost the judicial branch $2.8 million for the raises and promotions.

He adds the court system collects more than $438 million for the state.

"If we're going to be treated equally and we're collecting all the money, then somebody needs to look out after the fact that this branch alone is not receiving merit raises and promotions," exclaims Moore. "We're not asking for money during financial crisis. We're asking for money that we have been suffering for many, many years and not receiving, when other branches do, when the two other branches do."

Moore did say that since the judicial branch received level funding, he does not anticipate having to let people go at this time.

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