Weather Blog: More rain arriving soon

Weather Blog: More rain arriving soon

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A DRY DAY: Sunny, dry weather was just what the doctor ordered across Alabama today. It felt nice, but more importantly, it gave our state's ground, rivers and streams a chance to shed some extra water. It turns out that today was critical, because more rain is on the way soon.

SHOWERS DEVELOP TONIGHT: Late tonight, after midnight, rain will begin to develop across southeast Mississippi and southwest Alabama. Those showers and storms will push northeast, arriving here early Wednesday morning.

The fetch of moisture off the Gulf will continue through tomorrow and tomorrow night, so we'll have to maintain high rain chances in the forecast through at least Thursday.

FLOOD RISK? Small-scale bands of heavy rain will move slowly across the state tomorrow and tomorrow night. Under those bands, the rain could be heavy enough to create localized, temporary flooding. Amounts will vary widely due to these bands, but generally speaking, I anticipate 1-2" of rainfall north of Montgomery, with 2-4" likely south of Montgomery.

WHEN DOES THE RAIN END? The computer models keep pushing this back a bit; hinting that we may see an "overrunning" setup linger from Thursday evening through Saturday morning. The good news is that the rain should become lighter and smaller in coverage during that time, so we don't anticipate additional heavy rain. But, it's becoming increasingly possible that clouds and a few showers linger through Friday night.

WEEKEND PREVIEW: Clouds linger Saturday morning; for now, we'll go with the idea that any rain early Saturday is confined to the far southern sections of the state. Stay tuned, that could change pending new model data. What's certain is that it will turn dramatically colder Friday through the weekend, with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s.

Winter, welcome back. We missed you.

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