Weather Blog: Rain lingers but expect a drier weekend

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - RAIN, RAIN AND MORE RAIN: Areas of rain and thunderstorms will continue to roll across the state tonight; while it won't rain *all* night, there will likely be several intervals of rain. The heaviest rainfall and highest coverage of rain will be in the eastern and southern counties of Alabama, with lighter, more isolated rain north and west of Montgomery.

FLOOD RISK? So far, the forecast has worked out very well. Under the heaviest rain bands, isolated, short-term flooding will remain a possibility. We've seen a few Flash Flood Warnings issued in southeast Alabama, and a few more of those warnings could be issued tonight or tomorrow. The latest computer model data is a bit more progressive with this system, which could lead to a slight reduction in rainfall totals. We'll stick with the idea of 1-2" in the central counties, 2-3" in the southern counties. There could be a few isolated areas of 4" rainfall.

RAIN MOVES SOUTH: Thursday night into Friday, the rain will drop southward. From Montgomery northward, we'll slowly dry out. South of Montgomery, leftover showers will linger. By Friday night, the rain should begin to drop southward into Florida, exiting the state completely.

WEEKEND THOUGHTS: Cooler, drier air sweeps into the state. Saturday and Sunday will be classic January days, with afternoon highs in the 47-55° range, bright sunshine, and overnight readings in the 30s. Just what the doctor ordered for our waterlogged state.

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Today is my last shift of the year, Amanda Curran will be filling in for me Thursday and Friday night. I hope you have a fun and safe holiday!

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