Weather Blog: Chilly Monday morning, cool afternoon

Weather Blog: Chilly Monday morning, cool afternoon

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Some of the coldest air of the season could arrive by Tuesday morning.

Here we go again. Is anyone else getting déjà vu? I feel like we just can't seem to find our way off of this temperature roller coaster. One day it's cold, the next it's warm - back and forth, back and forth. If you were looking for something difference, this week's forecast does not look to be our saving grace.

Today: Monday morning motivation is tough enough to find as it is, but when you add chilly conditions outside to the mix you know it's even harder to get yourself ready for the day. Today was no exception: overnight lows dropped back into the mid/upper 20s for many while the rest of us were slightly warmer in the 30s. The sun will be out all day, but don't get too excited about it. Highs today struggle to climb into the 40s (with the exception of a few low 50s in our normal warmer spots in south AL).

Tuesday: Think of Monday's weather and replace it with Tuesday's spot on the calendar... not much changes over the next 24-36 hours. If anything, early morning temperatures are even colder for the majority of the state in time for the start of the day tomorrow; afternoon highs don't change much, either. Tomorrow morning will be a good example of radiational cooling... because of that we could be dealing with some of the coldest air we have experienced all season thus far.

Midweek Warmth & Rain?: Now that we have made it to the lowest point on the roller coaster, it is time to make that quick climb back up to the top. Tuesday night into Wednesday will we begin to see the return of some southerly flow in our atmosphere. Translation? More warmth and moisture will gradually build back into the area. Highs steadily make their way closer to the mid 50s for Wednesday and low 60s for Thursday. With that extra warmth comes some added rain chances as well.

Another frontal boundary approaches the state by Thursday combined with warming conditions and increased dew points, rain is likely going to be seen for many at some point during the day. It also looks to linger into the day on Friday as well, but coverage will be decreased slightly by then. We will continue to fine tune the timing/coverage details as we move throughout the week.

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