Weather Blog: Busy week ahead

Weather Blog: Busy week ahead

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - At least we have the sunshine, right? Temperatures this morning were downright cold. Most dipped into the 20s. Some fell into the upper teens. We're all sunny today, but that sunshine doesn't warm us much. We'll trend toward warmer weather in the coming days but it will come at a cost. Several waves of rain are expected and could culminate in a major snowstorm across the northeast later this week...

TODAY: A few of the chilly readings across the region this morning:

19 (Alex City)
22 (Auburn)
24 (Montgomery)
25 (Troy)

We'll enjoy a full day of sunshine with temperatures warming into the middle 40s...and that's about it.

REST OF THE WEEK: Clouds will increase Wednesday and eventually give way to scattered showers by afternoon.

Far north Alabama near the border may run into some wintry mix issues. Huntsville, for example, is under a Winter Weather Advisory for such a threat. We're all rain, however, as temperatures Wednesday warm into the 50s.

While scattered showers will continue Thursday, the main event will be building Thursday  night into early Friday. A deepening area of low pressure will pass across northwest Alabama during that timespan. That low will allow mild air to remain across the viewing area through early Friday morning. Showers will pick up in coverage as a frontal boundary passes through. This is a very dynamic and strong area of low it invites a discussion about the threat for thunderstorms. Models remain very conservative with the amount of instability available late Thursday night into Friday morning. That's a good thing. Unless that changes, I think we get a few storms going across south Alabama but the threat for stronger storms remains low. A slight uptick in instability could change that, however. So we need to keep an eye on it.

The bigger story will be the quick advection of colder air on the backside of this system. Friday's high temperatures will be achieved early with falling numbers throughout the day. Models continue to allow for a changeover from rain to snow across north Alabama Friday. Snowflakes appear likely. Accumulations do not. It would have to snow really hard to overcome a warm ground and daylight...and that's unlikely. But after night falls and temperatures fall below freezing, icy issues will be a concern up north. Let me be clear...we DO NOT anticipate any wintry weather in our viewing area with this one. Sorry, snow lovers.

It has been a quiet winter across the mid Atlantic and New England. That's about to change...big time. A snowstorm appears likely as a swath of heavy snow cuts across the Tennessee/Ohio Valley and cuts into the northeast. Snow will be measured in feet within that heavy band. Many areas will be able to catch up on the lack of snow totals thus far.

We'll stay cold behind this system into Saturday before milder air returns next week.

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