Medicaid wavier, Heritage bill, other bills highlights start of week 2

Medicaid wavier, Heritage bill, other bills highlights start of week 2

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Lawmakers had a very busy start to week two of the  2016 legislative session.

On Tuesday, Governor Robert Bentley unveiled the state had received a 1115 wavier from the feds.

According to Bentley the wavier could bring in more than $700 million to the state in order to help the state transition into a system of regional care organizations (RCO's). According to Bentley, the transition will help make the state's medicaid system more efficient by transitioning from a fee for service based system, to one which pays based on outcomes.

However, according to medicaid commissioner, Stephanie Azar, Medicaid needs $100 million in additional dollars as the bare minimum to go through with its current plans. Azar said if the state does not fund the current system or the transition, the wavier could go away.

Lawmakers also debated the Alabama Heritage Act for the first time in a senate committee Tuesday. The act would prohibit local government from removing things like confederate monuments without state lawmaker approval. No decision was made on the bill as it was carried over to next Tuesday.

The House and Senate chambers also met on Tuesday, and passed some legislation.

The Senate passed multiple bills, including one by Sen. Clyde Chambliss, known as Winston's Law, which would make the abuse of a child under the age of six a Class A felony. Chambliss said the bill would be worth it, even if it prevented one such crime again. Chambliss said his legislation makes the punishment fit the crime.

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