Weather Blog: Freeze to thaw

Weather Blog: Freeze to thaw

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If ever you  needed a reminder that Winter is still in control, this is it. Temperatures this morning fell into the 20s with wind chills in to the teens across parts of central Alabama. Just Mother Nature's way of giving us a "heat check" of sorts. There isn't a whole lot of warm talk in our Wednesday forecast. But we're getting to the tail end of this cold spell as warmer air awaits...

TODAY: With the exception of a stray snow flurry or two in extreme north Alabama, skies are clear. We'll enjoy a full day of sunshine and bright blue skies. Expected highs are in the middle to upper 40s range, and normally a full day of sunshine would help make it feel a little more bearable. But we're still dealing with winds out of the west in the 10-15 mph range that will offset and outweigh any benefit from the sun.

Regardless, the afternoon commute home will be quiet.

Wind speeds will back down a bit in the coming days as the pressure gradient force weakens. High pressure to our west and deep low pressure off the New England coast creates a large difference in pressure. Acting sort of like Robin Hood, our atmosphere's attempt to balance things involves taking from the rich (high pressure) and giving to the poor (low pressure). This balancing act serves to keep our wind speeds elevated until there's more of an equilibrium.

Overnight lows will once again fall into the 20s. But then the warmup kicks in...

THURSDAY-FRIDAY: The cold start will become a distant memory as afternoon temperatures soar into the lower 60s Thursday with continued sunshine. We're expecting another spectacular day Friday with a mix of clouds and sun and highs in the 60s.

THIS WEEKEND: While the sunshine will have no trouble spilling over into the weekend, the mild air hit some resistance. Highs Saturday and Sunday will be noticeably cooler once again, likely not climbing out of the lower 50s.

A storm system will approach the area Monday and will provide our next legitimate shot at rain. We'll have to watch north and northeast Alabama with this one as a wedge of colder air could be just enough for a touch of wintry weather. It's difficult to envision anything but plain rain falling in our viewing area right now, but we'll keep an eye on it.

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