Weather Blog: What goes up must come down

Weather Blog: What goes up must come down

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Mother Nature, you're such a tease. Temperatures yesterday took a run at 70 degrees. Today's temperatures are likely to do the same. It's enough to make you start thinking Spring is right around the corner. But just before those thoughts of Spring start gaining traction in your head, Winter comes roaring back in with a vengeance. Another cold snap awaits this weekend. And there's more. Our next storm system Monday could keep things interesting into the early part of next week...

TODAY: A wide spread in temperatures resulted in cool 30s across our northern counties to mild 50s into south Alabama. There's enough moisture in place for patchy fog. That fog is in the process of lifting, but I'm still noting some low level cloud cover in a few spots right now. Those will mix out and give way to a mostly sunny sky for the rest of the day. Temperatures will warm into the upper 60s north into the lower 70s south. A frontal boundary is draped across the area and will eventually nudge southward as an arctic high to our north pushes south.

That arctic high will help usher in a fresh round of cold air beginning overnight. My advice to you would be to enjoy today. Tomorrow isn't going to anywhere near as warm.

THIS WEEKEND: Colder air spilling southward will allow a few northern locations to fall to freezing by Saturday morning. Highs Saturday will stay in the upper 40s north and 50s south, noticeably colder than our last few days.

Sunshine will still rule all weekend long. It's just cold sunshine.

NEXT STORM SYSTEM: We've been keeping an eye on our next weather maker set to arrive Monday. Initial thoughts centered around rain for us with a chance of a wintry mix falling across far north Alabama as a wedge of cooler air hangs tight at the surface. Model trends have shifted the track of the low a little farther north this morning. That northward shift would allow warmer air to push farther north and the chances for frozen precip in Alabama are much lower right now.

A more northerly track would also have implications on our weather too. I've adjusted highs Monday upward as more warmth & moisture press inland. While parameters are not particularly overwhelming, I'll introduce thunder into the forecast for our southern counties. May need to watch for a few stronger storms depending on how things continue to trend. But again, the setup doesn't have an overly concerning feel to it right now.

Temperatures are expected to gradually ramp back upward as we get deeper into next week. Have a great weekend!

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