A look at underground tunnel that connects AL Capitol, State House

A look at underground tunnel that connects AL Capitol, State House

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The political underground; those words have a history of meaning backroom dealings.

In Alabama, there is a literal political underground beneath the Capitol building with a history all its own.

The Alabama State Capitol and the Alabama State House are connected by politics, but separated, on the surface, by Union Street.

However, the view is much different beneath the surface. With statues standing guard, a tunnel exists between the two buildings originally built during renovations to the Capitol in the 1980's.

The initial plan was for the tunnel to be an easy walk for lawmakers between their offices, in what is today's state house, and the chambers in the Capitol. Instead, the legislature moved over to its current location in the state house.

now the tunnel is the resting place of statues honoring Alabamians who fought in America's wars with each statue representing a different fight. Some representing wars even before Alabama became a state, like the Revolutionary War.

According to the House's Public Information Officer, the statues used to be outside the American Legion here in Montgomery. However after being vandalized multiple times, they were given a new life in the tunnel.

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