Weather Blog: Tornadic storms approaching Alabama

Weather Blog: Tornadic storms approaching Alabama

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Clusters of tornado-producing storms are moving through southeast Mississippi at this hour; those storms will move into southwest Alabama shortly. A PDS Tornado Watch is in effect for Escambia, Conecuh, Monroe, Wilcox, Clarke counties and points west. Those areas will be impacted first; if you live in southwest Alabama, you need to prepare NOW for the possibility of life-threatening weather over the next few hours.

SPC is considering a Tornado Watch for southeast Alabama, for some storms ahead of the line:

Questions about individual towns/cities/counties are not answerable. There is a substantial and perhaps dangerous THREAT of tornadoes across every city, town, county, neighborhood, chicken farm and dog house in our area. Every square inch. We all must be ready, we all face a risk. Here's the Tornado Risk from the Storm Prediction Center:

As far as timing is concerned, all of Alabama needs to be weather aware NOW through 4am. We've produced this graphic for the main line of storms, but it's important to note that this does NOT account for any severe storms that form ahead of the line. So, be ready NOW:

Tornadoes are small, outlooks are big. We predict the weather for the southern half of Alabama. Tornadoes are, at most, a mile across. The overwhelming majority of us won't be hit by a tornado, even if there IS a tornado outbreak. The problem? Tornadoes are small, but they are VERY high-impact, life-changing events. So, for many, you won't have a tornado. But, for some, this could be a very dangerous and life-threatening night.

Now is the time to make sure you're ready. Charge your phone's battery, be sure your Weather Radio has fresh batteries and is receiving a signal. If you don't have a weather radio, you still have time to go get one if you do it now. Text your county name to 41212 for text warnings.

Put some bottled water, batteries, any medications, shoes and, if you have it, a helmet in your designated "safe spot" in your home.

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