Gunn’s family and friends react to officer’s arrest

Updated: Apr. 2, 2016 at 3:32 AM CDT
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MONTGOMERY CO., AL (WSFA) - As news broke of Officer Aaron "A.C." Smith's arrest and murder charge, Gregory Gunn's family, friends and neighbors reacted to the news, praying on the same lawn where he was shot and killed.

Tension and uncertainty in the Mobile Heights neighborhood were replaced with satisfaction and fellowship Wednesday.

"We'd like to thank everyone for their support, and I'm pretty sure my uncle is smiling down now that justice has been served, right is right and wrong is wrong," said Gunn's nephew, Aaryn Jordan.

Family and friends of Gregory Gunn, voiced their appreciation to the city, MPD and SBI, thanking them for doing their jobs and making a swift decision. They also appreciated visits from SBI investigators, District Attorney Daryl Bailey and MPD officers throughout the day.

Jordan says Smith's murder charge is a relief for Gunn's mother.

"I was happy for my grandma because of the weight off her shoulders I was happy for her now she can move around a little better not think well what's going on you know is they going to protect or serve or what I'm happy now that she's happy," Jordan said.

"I want to thank them for just, for doing whatever they think is right, I still need them to help me keep my family safe," said neighbor Colvin Hinson.

The shots that proved to be fatal for Gregory Gunn, rang out just feet from where Colvin Hinson's daughter was sleeping.

"I respect the police and I hope they continue to respect me," said Hinson.

Speaking of respect, Gunn's mother Nellie Ruth, invited Officer A.C. Smith to pay respect to her son.

"I want both of those officers to go to church with me at the funeral, if it can't be done well, well, done, well good but God knows and heaven knows," said Nellie Ruth Gunn, Gregory Gunn's mother.

Authorities have advised the family not to discuss details of the case, so they're putting their faith in the justice system, respecting the process and hoping the community follows suit.

"God is still in charge and heaven knows what happened. Man may not know...only the one that did and the one it got done to...but heaven knows. All I want is justice," said Nellie Ruth.

Funeral Arrangements have been made for Gunn at True Divine Baptist Church along Troy Highway in Montgomery. The service is set for Saturday at 2: p.m. and before that, a peaceful walk in the Mobile Heights neighborhood is planned for 11 in the morning.

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