Weather Blog: First time in 2016?

Weather Blog: First time in 2016?

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It hasn't happened so far this year, but today could be the day we finally hit 80 degrees. The last 80+ degree day in Montgomery was back on December 26th (remember how warm Christmas was?). If we manage to fall short this afternoon, no worries. We'll have a few more opportunities through at least Thursday to hit the mark...

TODAY: A thin broken veil of clouds will filter our sunshine from time to time, but it's otherwise bright and sunny. Temperatures are expected to climb into the upper 70s to lower 80s into the afternoon.

It's a very Spring-like feel that will come with both the perks and the peskiness. You may have noticed a few plants budding & blooming now that March has rolled around. Pollen counts are running high and will continue to do so for the next few days.

For those with allergies, sniffling and sneezing can most certainly be attributed to that. We expect the pollen count to drop some late week as rain cleanses our atmosphere.

RAIN/STORMS: That threat for rain ramps up late Thursday into Friday with additional showers/storms hanging around Saturday. The Thursday element of that forecast remains somewhat in question as models have slowed things down a bit. Significant rainfall is likely west of Alabama where flooding is a real concern. We'll have to monitor expected rainfall totals Friday/ part because rivers are still elevated. It's possible pockets of heavy rain could generate local issues in our part of the world with regard to heavy rainfall.

The axis of heavy rain will likely feature t-storms Friday/Saturday. While the threat for a few stronger storms appears low, it may not be zero. We'll keep you posted.

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