Weather Blog: Rain sliding eastward

Weather Blog: Rain sliding eastward

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A tricky forecast unfolding for us Friday as rain/storms have finally moved eastward enough to start affecting parts of our region. This will be a day where one number won't do the forecast justice. There will be a west to east gradient in rain chances and temperatures, ranging from a soaker to another pleasant afternoon for some...

TODAY: A band of heavy rainfall is currently in place across far western Alabama. While this band is relatively narrow, it is intense and poses a flooding concern for spots parked under it. Marengo and Clarke counties have been added to the expansive list of Flood Watches, but are currently our only 2 counties included. While the bulk of this heavy rain is sliding south to north, there is a very subtle general eastward progression in there. Hi resolution guidance suggests this band of heavy rain will start to lose it's kick as it slowly presses eastward, struggling to hold together approaching I-65. As a result, we'll have a sharp gradient in rain chances with widespread rain across west Alabama giving way to a mainly dry day across our eastern counties.

Rain will be steady and heavy in spots like Demopolis, Linden and Thomasville. I'm inclined to throw places like Selma, Camden & Monroeville in that mix as well as that rain slides eastward. We'll have to keep a close eye on rainfall rates and how well this band holds together for minor flooding issues there.

The overall rain threat from Montgomery and points eastward will be contingent upon the ability for this band to retain it's intensity, which again should have a tendency to weaken as the day wears on. This will result in a sharp cutoff between heavy rain & light rain/not much of anything. Pinpointing where that line is will be difficult, but I-65 should serve as a general marker for this.

THIS WEEKEND: The Montgomery marathon is Saturday morning, so we're crossing our fingers on a dry forecast. Rain chances early Saturday will be rather low but not zero. I'm in the 20-30% range for rain during marathon hours. Decent chance we avoid wet weather, but certainly within the realm of possibility a few scattered showers will drift on through.

Rain chances will pick up into the afternoon and through Saturday night.

The threat for rain backs off into isolated territory Sunday before sunshine and another surge of very warm air returns early next week.

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