Quick thinking leads to 3 arrests during Montgomery home invasion

Quick thinking leads to 3 arrests during Montgomery home invasion
(Source: SAFE Montgomery's Facebook page)
(Source: SAFE Montgomery's Facebook page)
(Source: SAFE Montgomery's Facebook page)
(Source: SAFE Montgomery's Facebook page)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A quick-thinking Montgomery citizen, along with the help of the Montgomery Department of Public Safety and the Montgomery Police Department, landed three individuals in jail, according to the Montgomery Department of Public Safety's Facebook page.

According to the post, a Montgomery citizen was awakened from her sleep by an unfamiliar noise in the early morning hours on Wednesday. As she continued to listen to the sounds, she determined that someone, perhaps more than one person, was inside her home.

Upon this realization, the citizen got out of bed and locked her bedroom door. She then picked up a phone, entered her bathroom and locked the door and called 911.

According to the post, Public Safety Communications Officer Danielle Jones with the Montgomery Department of Emergency Communications answered the citizen's call.

The citizen states that Jones was both professional and comforting as she stayed on the line with the citizen during the entire ordeal.

During this time, Jones reportedly relayed the call to a dispatcher who notified the Montgomery Police Department of a possible residential burglary. Jones advised MPD that there were suspects inside the home and a frightened resident locked in the bathroom.

The post states that MPD officer J.C. Brown arrived at the location within four minutes of the call.

At the same time, Jones was told by the homeowner that she had heard a louder sound and was afraid that the suspects were trying to force her bedroom door open.

Jones advised the homeowner that the new noise was in fact Officer Brown who was at the bedroom window. Jones instructed the homeowner to go to the window to speak with Officer Brown.

The homeowner then proceeded to unlock the bathroom door and went to the bedroom window where she spoke with Officer Brown.

Brown instructed her to unlock and raise the window, and then proceeded to help her climb out of the window. He then escorted the homeowner to his patrol car where he instructed her to wait until he, and other responding officers could search the house.

Once Officers C.M Graham, J.L. Tinney, L.F. Conceicao, J.R. Blount, M.T. Franklin, Sgt. E.S. Ware and Lt. B.C. Schlemmer arrived on scene, they searched the surrounding area where they located the suspect's vehicle parked along a nearby road with the windows down.

According to the post, officers quickly located three suspects who realized MPD had arrived at the home. The three suspects then attempted to hide in the attic.

While hiding in the attic, one or more of the suspects fell through a portion of the roof, leaving behind a big mess.

All three suspects were taken into custody.

According to the Montgomery Police Department, Dontaeveas Rose and Jarnell Williams have both been charged with second degree burglary. They were transported to the Montgomery County Jail where their bond has been set at $20,000 each.

The third subject's identity is being withheld at this time as he is a juvenile.

According to the post, the homeowner was unharmed during the incident.

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