Editorial Feedback: Medicaid spending

Editorial Feedback: Medicaid spending

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - To our editorial suggesting that Alabama must finds ways to cut Medicaid costs, perhaps even taking it out of the governments hands, we got these responses:

Melanie agreed:

"Just like in education and other government-run entities, Medicaid doesn't need more money thrown at it. It needs a complete overhaul, and it needs to be taken out of the federal Government's hands. Medicaid is abused by patients, medical facilities, and government workers."

Ricky disagreed:

"Medicaid has a purpose. It should be revamped and restructured so that people who can work use it only to regain their step. It should be used only for the truly needy and monitored closely, but, not in the private sector. That's dangerous."

Paul offered this thought:

"Medicaid is not the real problem. The costs of healthcare keep going up and that drives the increases in insurance costs and Medicaid. Put some controls in place on healthcare costs, drugs, etc., and you can see these other costs go down."

And Sheryl said:

"It is really simple, you want to address the increasing cost of Medicaid in the state, start by increasing economic development and employment in high poverty counties. Able bodied people that work a job that pays a livable wage do not need Medicaid."

And Kayla offered:

"Didn't the lady that heads up Medicaid just get a $60,000 to -$70,000 raise? We could start there."

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