Weather Blog: Warmer, wetter conditions on the way

Weather Blog: Warmer, wetter conditions on the way

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It sure would be nice to be able to take our Sunday weather and bottle it up for later. We're waiting on another shift to our weather pattern this week, one that will provide more warmth, moisture, and rain. So while upper 70s with sunshine is great, we'll have to make due with what Mother Nature throws our way this week...

TODAY: Morning temperatures in the 50s are already well on their way toward the lower 80s as we head into afternoon. Filtered sunshine signals the slow return of moisture today. While I don't anticipate anything outside of a 5% chance of a shower, increased cloud cover can be expected through the day. Highs climb into the lower and middle 80s.

TUESDAY AND BEYOND: Isolated rain and storm chances pick up beginning Tuesday. Once we open this window, it could stay open all the way into next weekend.

Coverage of rain Tuesday will be isolated with only a few showers/storms around. We'll stay isolated to scattered through Thursday before a more widespread rain Friday. There are a few graduations Friday evening, so we'll be paying close attention to that forecast in particular.

Because this will be an extended stretch of active weather, rainfall totals could exceed an inch or two by the weekend. Believe it or not, we could actually use some rain around here.

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