Pastors gather in support of AL Chief Justice Roy Moore

Pastors gather in support of AL Chief Justice Roy Moore

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A group of about 30 people showed up on the steps of the Heflin-Torbert Judicial Building in Montgomery Thursday to support Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. Pastors from several denominations came together to show unity and support.

The gathering called for charges against Moore to be dropped. Earlier this month, the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission brought six charges against Moore stemming from his order to state probate judges to not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Those who rallied said they stand behind Moore on both moral and legal grounds. They also called on other Christians to do so.

"A lot of Christians do not want to have anything to do with politics, but politics right now is having everything to do with our religious freedoms," said William Green, Montgomery's District 5 city councilman. Green is also a minister at Fresh Anointing House of Worship.

"Therefore, we feel like we must stand up and support people like Judge Roy Moore," Green went on. "This is not about gay or lesbian. This is about religious freedom and what we believe in our fight to be able to worship in a way we see fit."

"Christians are commanded to follow the laws of the land, until those laws force us to disobey God's laws," added Troy Towns, an ordained minister and the Senior Vice Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party.

A third supporter, John Killian, said things are backwards.

"You don't introduce a judge and call him a lawmaker," Killian explained. "We got it backwards. So when a court, any court, comes up with a decision that is actually unlawful and unconstitutional and then people spread it out and say it's the law of the land because a group of unelected officials say that this is their ruling, it's just an opinion."

Killian believes Moore is just interpreting laws. "To my knowledge, he has not spoken hatefully about anybody," said the pastor at Grace Baptist Church.

A statewide rally will be held in support of Moore Saturday from 11 a.m. until noon at the state Supreme Court building. Elected officials, pastors, conservative organizations, churches, and residents who support Moore are expected to attend.

Moore has yet to issue a formal reply to the Judicial Inquiry Commission.

Though a date has not been set, Moore faces a trial at the state's Court of the Judiciary.  He was removed from the seat he currently holds by the same court back in 2003. That removal came after he refused a court order to remove a large monument of the Ten Commandments from the Supreme Court building.

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