Roy Moore supporters rally in Montgomery for suspended chief justice

Roy Moore supporters rally in Montgomery for suspended chief justice
(Source: WSFA 12)
(Source: WSFA 12)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A crowd of more than 100 gathered on the steps of the Alabama Judicial Building on Saturday morning to show their support for Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.

Moore was suspended earlier this month after the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission brought six charges against Moore, due to his order to state probate judges to not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Jerry Willcutt and his wife drove two hours from Cullman to show their support, not just for Moore they say, but the values he stands for.

"If you support a righteous man, you're supporting the things that he stands for," said Willcutt, "He gets his moral standards from the word of God. That's why we're here today, and I believe Judge Moore stands for the true born-again experience and we want to thank him and let him know that he is loved and that we care about him."

The chief justice's wife, Kayla Moore, also spoke to the crowd about the latest battle facing her husband. She said the chief justice declined to appear at the rally because he "did not want it to be about him."

"It's about freedom. It's about religious freedom and our constitution," Moore said. "He's done nothing wrong. He's done nothing illegal. He's done nothing unethical."

"What's going on with the Judicial Inquiry Committee is an outrageous abuse of process," said State Sen. Dick Brewbaker "This has nothing to do with administrative orders. It has everything to do with them taking positions on marriage and the family that the Southern Poverty Law Center doesn't agree with. Judge Moore is willing to stand up to them and pay the cost."

The event was billed as not a political rally, but rather a gathering to pray for and support Roy Moore.

That didn't last long however as gay marriage, transgender bathrooms and federal overreach were just some of the topics brought up by speakers from various political groups and elected officials.

"What business is it of Obama's, I'm sorry I have a hard time calling him President, to say who or what can go into our bathrooms," said Kayla Moore. "What business is it of the US Supreme Court to say what marriage is? Marriage isn't in the constitution. It's an institution ordained by God."

"We're either going to win this one or we're going to have some guy, dressing like a woman that runs around, prancing around the stage with other people like that, controlling what goes on in the state and this nation," said Dean Young, a Roy Moore supporter. "They get Judge Moore, don't think they won't come after you next. This is ground zero in the cultural war."

The "some guy" Young is referring to is like Ambrosia Starling, the drag queen who led an anti-Moore rally in the same spot in January. That day, more than 40 complaints were filled against Moore.

Moore's wife called on the press to focus their attention on the drag queen rather than her husband, the chief justice.

"It's pretty bad when the JIC listens to a man dressed as a woman who solicited complaints against Chief Justice Moore," Moore said. "He works a job during the day and at night dresses as a woman and goes to the nightclubs and bars. Now I ask the press, who is he? Who is this man who hides his true identity? I know he's here. Find out who he is."

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