Weather Blog: The 90s are back

Weather Blog: The 90s are back

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It always seems like Memorial Day is when we start to turn the corner from Spring to Summer. We're not quite at Memorial Day (still a week away), but the corner is about to be turned. This week will feature plenty of heat and sunshine as high pressure dominates. The only question is...just how high will those temps go?

TODAY: We're dry as a bone on radar and you won't see much in the way of cloud cover today. Temperatures will be noticeably warmer than what we dealt with over the weekend, warming into the upper 80s in spots. Remarkably, those upper 80s are the coolest on our 7-Day graphic.

REST OF THE WEEK: As the ridge builds, temperatures will continue to moderate into midweek.

Highs Tuesday will climb to around 90 degrees and should warm into the lower 90s for the remainder of the workweek. Really not seeing much in the way of any rain chances all week long. Sinking air under the ridge should suppress rain for the week, although there could be a few showers/storms that try to develop by the weekend.

You can tell we're starting to get into that Summertime mode by looking at computer models in the longer range. They try to hint at tropical mischief 7+ days out...a regular occurrence when you start getting into the warm season. Seems like there's always a tropical storm on the 360 hour GFS. You can't buy into any of that, but whenever I start seeing models phase that way it's always a telltale sign Summer is right around the corner.

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