Weather Blog: Hottest day of the year?

Weather Blog: Hottest day of the year?

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There isn't much that will slow us down as temperatures climb into the 90+ degree ballpark today. With highs expected in the 89-92 degree range, that would make today the hottest day of the year thus far. No rain in the forecast until we head into the weekend. That's the same time we could be tracking a little tropical mischief on the Atlantic side of things...

TODAY: Under mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies, temperatures will go 90+ in many places.

Like the last few days, radar will be quiet.

REST OF THE WEEK: Temperatures will remain in the 90 degree ballpark through Friday with continued sunshine...still no rain.

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND: Things get a little more interesting as we get into the weekend. Energy to our west will be coupled with energy off the southeast coast. Alabama is kind of sandwiched in between these two features, both of which providing rain shots on their own. These features will help break down the ridge a bit, but neither the western energy nor eastern energy will squarely impact Alabama.

So where does that leave us? I think it leaves us in a position where isolated showers and storms could become a player, but it's difficult to imagine much more than that. I have rain chances in the 10-30% range Saturday into Memorial Day Monday. And it's still hot.

That southeast energy has a chance to develop tropical characteristics. Wind shear appears favorable as we head into the weekend, although water temperatures outside the Gulf Stream aren't overly warm. That combo could be enough to allow a relatively weak system to materialize. If you have interests from the Florida coast up along the Atlantic seaboard, you'll want to pay attention to the forecast into the weekend.

There isn't a lot of evidence to support much of an Alabama impact from this energy, but we'll still be keeping an eye on it.

For those of you with outdoor plans this Memorial Day weekend, I think our weather is dominated mainly by heat with sparse rain very much falling second in line. Sounds like a Summer weekend to me!

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