Weather Blog: Hot weather sticking around

Weather Blog: Hot weather sticking around

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Unofficial start of Summer? You betcha. Montgomery hit 96 degrees on Memorial Day Monday, alleviating any doubt as to what season it really is right now. Warm mornings and hot afternoons are going to be the story of the week. We're getting to the point where we're welcoming any raindrops we can get. While storm chances won't be zero, we may have to wait until the weekend for significant relief...

TODAY: Watching temperature trends this morning, it's easy to see why I think we'll be back in the middle 90s again this afternoon. Montgomery was already at 89 degrees as of 10am with full sunshine. A weak disturbance is kicking off some rain in northern Mississippi, but we're otherwise quiet.

Thunderstorm coverage this afternoon will remain limited to just isolated cells. We'll put rain chances around 20%, but if you get under one of those storms rain could be briefly heavy. Radar goes quiet again shortly after sunset.

REST OF THE WEEK: There isn't a whole lot of significant change through Friday. Temperatures remain very warm under the influence of a ridge of high pressure with only isolated rain chances each and every day.

Now that the holiday weekend is over, we're in a mode where we welcome any and all rain. I don't think there's going to be much to go around this week. However, a lucky few will see some wet weather. I anticipate daily highs climbing into the middle 90s with the exception being those spots that gets a downpour to help out.

THIS WEEKEND: Our ridge finally breaks down as we get into the weekend, offering an increased threat for rain and relief from the heat. Sunday appears to be the wettest right now, although we'll get a few more storms going Saturday too.