Health officials say no bacteria advisories for AL beaches

Health officials say no bacteria advisories for AL beaches

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If you're thinking about heading to the Gulf Coast this Fourth of July holiday, you may want to consider staying near Alabama. While some states have swimming advisories in effect due to beach bacteria, Alabama officials say there is no cause for concern in the state's waters.

According to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management's website, recent testing of the state's waters shows that the water quality is acceptable.

Ron Dawsey, Deputy Director of Environmental Health Services, says Alabama's waters are tested fairly regularly. If something is found in the water that would cause concern, the public would be notified.

Alabama has about 50 miles of gulf beach and an estimated 65 to 70 miles of bay beaches. The website mentions how those waters can become infected:

Bacterial contamination in Alabama's coastal recreational waters can originate from sources, including shoreline development, wastewater collection and treatment facilities, septic tanks, urban runoff, disposal of human waste from boats, bathers themselves, commercial and domestic animals and natural animal sources such as wildlife.

Some states, including Florida, Louisiana and Texas, have issued advisories for their beaches.

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