ALEA warns motorist to not drink and drive over holiday weekend

ALEA warns motorist to not drink and drive over holiday weekend

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Are you planning on traveling somewhere to celebrate Independence Day?

Law enforcement agencies throughout Alabama are asking you do to your part to make sure everyone has a safe holiday weekend.

According to Montgomery city officials, there has been a 51 percent increase in DUI arrest compared to this same time last year. State Troopers are taking these numbers seriously and they say you should expect to see an increased patrol presence on the road this holiday weekend.

"If we encounter you behind the wheel, and you're impaired by alcohol or drugs, you will be arrested and you will go to jail. If we work a crash where you're impaired and you injure or kill someone, we will work with the local district attorney's office and we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law,"  Said Jessie Thornton with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

According to ALEA, as of June 30, there have been 310 fatalities as a result of traffic accidents across the state. At this point in 2015, there were 224 fatalities as a result of traffic accidents.

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