Weather Blog: Heat & humidity could spark some showers

Weather Blog: Heat & humidity could spark some showers

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Happy Independence Day, Alabama!! We are starting our Monday off with mostly clear skies in central portions of the state while farther to our south we are dealing with some thin cirrus clouds, and even an isolated shower down in the Wiregrass. Overall, today looks to be very similar to the weekend; hot, humid and a stray storm is possible for some this afternoon.

Today: There will be three majors components to our forecast today, so lets take them one at a time...

1. Heat... it's the 4th of July, and we are in Alabama, so we know it is going to be hot. Average high for this time of year usually falls in the low 90s; today we will quickly surpass that number and head straight for the upper 90s.

2. Humidity... with a good bit of moisture in our atmosphere, dewpoints are elevated in the low and mid 70s (eek!). Combine that mugginess with the already hot air and you have a recipe for a soupy afternoon. Heat index values, or "feel like" temperatures today will easily make a run for 100°+ for many towns across the state.

3. Showers... just like yesterday, expect to see a few isolated to scattered showers and even storms by the afternoon. Convection will be ramping up, especially in our southern counties, thanks to the sea breeze moving inland; storms are also expected to pop due to daytime heating and increasing low and mid level moisture in the atmosphere.

Just like yesterday, some places could stay completely dry while those who do see a shower will be dealing with heavy rain and gusty winds. Stay safe if you plan on being outside and have our WSFA Weather app downloaded... it will alert you if a storm that is producing lightning is within 5 miles of your location.

Back to Reality: So after the holiday is over and everyone goes back to work, not much changes in our forecast. A ridge is expected to remain in place to our south across the northern Gulf of Mexico over the next several days. This will favor daily isolated to scattered afternoon/evening showers and storms (a typical summer pattern in Alabama). Temperatures in the mid to upper 90s will combine with dewpoints in the 70s to produce heat indices of 100°-105°+ each afternoon.

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