2 Abbeville daycare workers facing more child abuse charges

2 Abbeville daycare workers facing more child abuse charges

ABBEVILLE, AL (WSFA) - The owner of J&M Childcare in Abbeville and one of her employees were back in court Friday to face additional child abuse charges.

Mary Clark and Dixie Lane are both accused of beating children under their care. Clark, who's the owner of the daycare, is accused of beating children with a belt, choking them and forcing them to lick vomit.

Lane was allegedly caught on video beating a child with a belt.

"You have very strict rules and regulations you have to go by, and you have to go by the law. If you're in a daycare setting that is established and they have guidelines set by DHR that you aren't to whip that child at all, any physical kind of discipline in that way, physical discipline, you do not do it. That is up to a parent to do that," said Abbeville Chief of Police Noel Vanlandingham.

More and more parents are coming forward in this case. Police say they are now investigating 10-15 child abuse cases at this daycare. Mary Clark has six new charges, and Dixie lane has seven more.

"We started back at a two-year period, and we still have people coming out. Ms. Lane might not be involved in those, but people are coming out prior to the two-year cut off we had set," Vanlandingham said.

Vanlandingham expects more arrests in this case. Clark and Lane were both released on $10,000 bonds.

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