Weather Blog: H-O-T

Weather Blog: H-O-T

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - You know, when you take all our temperature graphics and convert them to's really not that bad! Today will begin a stretch where daily highs will climb into the upper 90s to around 100 degrees. While we'll have a few afternoon storms around, there won't be many. The combination of heat and humidity could be enough to take our heat index values into the 105 to 110 degree range all the way into the weekend.

TODAY: Isolated dense fog this morning is long gone as mostly sunny skies dominate the area. The early afternoon time frame will feature popcorn thunderstorms that will remain very isolated in nature, affecting only about one in five of us.

The other four out of five will watch temperatures rise into the 96 to 99 degree range. Heat index values this afternoon are expected to be around 105 degrees.

This flavor of heat is relatively common this time of year, so we're not setting records. But we are getting into territory where you need to take common sense precautions during the peak heating of the day. Heat-related issues can sneak up on you fast when you get into that 105 plus range.

HEAT WAVE: Air temperatures, particularly across some of our western counties, will take a run at 100 degrees Thursday and Friday. Especially in areas that completely avoid those isolated storms, heat index values in the 105 to 110 degree range will remain possible.

The weekend doesn't appear to offer any significant relief with highs into the upper 90s and dew points just high enough to keep heat index values around the 105 degree mark. The bottom line here is this It's going to be hot, and it's going to stay hot for awhile. Keep those outdoor pets in mind during situations like this. Those of you with outdoor plans will need to factor in ways to stay cool, particularly from late morning into early evening. Rain chances appear to trend upward as the new week approaches, which will hopefully mitigate the heat somewhat.

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