One woman's story of making it after meth addiction

One woman's story of making it after meth addiction

WSFA/CNBC - It's one of the most addictive drugs in the world and it's one of the most common and deadly drugs in America: crystal meth.
It destroys many of the lives of those who try it, who say after a few hits they're hooked. Meth isn't just a big city problem however.
Daphne, a former meth addict said, "Everyone was doing it and it was cheaper and the people around me were not what you would typically think of as a meth head so it made it seem less scary I guess."

Methamphetamine is not a rich man's drug. It's being consumed by working class people and can be made in your own backyard.

"It's become a huge problem that no one talks about and everyone's doing," said Daphne.

Major Tommy Ford has been in law enforcement for several years and says things are different when it comes to meth addiction and those
who use it.

"We saw a transition probably four or five years ago to the one pop method or shake and bake method where meth was then being manufactured in a Gatorade bottle or a soda bottle. So it went from that elaborate lab set up to where they could manufacture smaller quantities but in these one pop method or just in a soda bottle."

Daphne took her first hit when she was 18. At one point, she and her boyfriend spent at least $300 a week on meth.

"I felt like I was always getting things accomplished but in reality we weren't getting much accomplished. You'd do things halfway,
then quit, and then go do another thing," she said.

After a year of addiction, she got pregnant. Her unborn child inspired her to pull her life together.

Daphne stopped using meth when she got pregnant and her son was born with no adverse effects. She considers herself one of the lucky ones.

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