Weather Blog: Sultry midpoint

Weather Blog: Sultry midpoint

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - We're halfway home through this work week, stuck in a pattern dominated by plenty of heat and humidity with only a few storms to go around. Our weather remains largely unchanged as we close out the week, but there a few options on the weather table as we look toward next week...

TODAY: Take what we saw yesterday and cycle it all over again today. Highs will get into the middle 90s for many, giving heat index values a run into the 100-104 degree range for a few hours.

Widely spaced thunderstorms will develop into the afternoon. While coverage will be limited, storms that do develop could be on the healthy side. Heavy rain, frequent lightning, and gusty winds will be possible in the stronger cores.

LOOKING AHEAD: Middle 90s will trend closer to the lower 90s late this week and into the weekend with a subtle increase in overall rain coverage each afternoon. We're not looking at washout weather on any given day, just more of the same general feel to things.

A cold front is slated to arrive into Alabama early next week, allowing somewhat cooler and certainly less humid air to filter in. The debate we'll deal with (and one that is common for Summer fronts) is just how far south that boundary will make it. Alabama is a cold front graveyard at times, and this could be a case where north & south Alabama could experience vastly different conditions. We'll have to keep a close eye on where models trend with the southward punch of drier air, but for now, it appears it may be tough for south Alabama to get in on any refreshing air. We'll keep our fingers cross for central Alabama.

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