Weather Blog: Front nearby lacking punch

Weather Blog: Front nearby lacking punch

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - You wouldn't know it (unless you have a surface map in front of you), but there's a cold front slowly sagging southward across the region this morning. Cold fronts this time of year are not even close to their cold season cousins, so this one is lacking punch. Still, the boundary will help either enhance or decrease our rain chances today, depending on where you are...

TODAY: We'll use HWY 80 & I-85 as a general marker for our weather today. North of that line, slightly less humid air and lower rain chances will be in place for the rest of Monday. It's not a huge difference, but many will trend drier. South of that line, it's more of the same. Scattered thunderstorms will fire into the afternoon and the humidity will be roughly the same it's been for the last few weeks.

If you want to really get a taste of Fall-like air, head into north Alabama. They'll get a nice little preview of what's to come as Summer winds down.

REST OF THE WEEK: We'll stick with lower 90s and a few (mainly south) storms into midweek. By Thursday, we'll get wedged with dry easterly flow. That will help shut the rain chances down Thursday into Friday with a drier-than-usual weekend in the mix should the pattern hold.

We'll pop things up into the middle 90s by next weekend, but that spike is deceiving. While the temps will be warm, humidity levels won't be out of control. The net result is a somewhat "manageable" middle 90s forecast.

TROPICS: A trio of disturbances are in place across the Atlantic, including Tropical Depression Fiona. The disturbance southeast of Fiona will be the one to passively keep an eye on as it tracks generally west-northwestward. Models are struggling to grasp what this system might do, and perhaps how Fiona might interact with it later this week into the weekend. No imminent issues with any of these. Simply in the mode of sitting back and watching how things play out in the coming days.

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