Weather Blog: Lovely Labor Day

Weather Blog: Lovely Labor Day

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If you're able to put up with a little hot air (which, let's face it, we've had for a few months now), you'll love our Labor Day forecast.

TODAY: Drier air will help keep skies mostly sunny to partly cloudy all day long across central and south Alabama. Rain chances will hover only around 10 percent. Expect highs into the lower 90s, but really no major bump in the heat index department.

Find a way to stay cool for those outdoor activities, but don't worry much about getting wet.

REST OF THE WEEK: A continued surge of less humid air will lead to a relatively quiet rest of the week. Rain chances will remain near zero as we start to get into more of a wide range of daily temperatures. With lower humidity, daytime temperatures will easily climb into the middle 90s. But on the flip side, nighttime lows should fall into the upper 60s. It will be one of those hot days but comfy nights kind of a week.

Isolated storm chances return by the weekend, but until that point, it's smooth sailing this week.

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