Weather Blog: Waiting on a change

Weather Blog: Waiting on a change

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The dog days of Summer are only a few weeks from needing to be renamed the dog days of Fall. Our hot and dry pattern will march onward Thursday with very little in the way of change to overall conditions. A weak cold front this weekend offers a small hope for rain, but there isn't anything major in the immediate forecast...

TODAY: The latest drought monitor was released this morning. A slight expansion of abnormally dry to drought conditions is noted since last week's update.

East-central Alabama is dealing with the worst of it right now. With no significant rain in the forecast, there will not be any major improvement over the next week or so. Expect highs into the middle and upper 90s today under mostly sunny skies. Rain chances remain very very low.

The same forecast continues Friday.

THIS WEEKEND: More of the same Saturday, but a weak cold front will swoop in from the north late Saturday night into early Sunday. That front will carry our best shot at rain, but even there we're only talking rain chances around 20-30%.

Highs in the middle 90s Saturday might drop into the lower 90s for some Sunday, but it won't be a substantial change. Humidity nudges upward this weekend, and with rain chances remaining isolated, there is certainly no need to alter any outdoor plans.

Lower 90s highs and isolated storms continue into early next week.