Gas stations in Auburn still without gas, others with sky high prices

Gas stations in Auburn still without gas, others with sky high prices

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - As steps are being taken to repair the gasoline shortage resulting from a busted fuel supply pipeline in north Alabama, some gas stations in Auburn have run out of gas.

Jon Slaughter, a landscaper in Auburn, said he went to the Walmart gas station on Shug Jordan Parkway to get gas for his vehicle and diesel for his work truck.

"They told me they were out of gas," Slaughter said. "I got diesel for the truck just to make sure I was covered. We need fuel for everything we do, so if this continues, it could be a real problem."

The MAPCO locations in Auburn were all said to be out of any fuel other than diesel, except for one. An employee from that station said they had "some" regular gas. Drivers also complained of the Walmart gas stations being without gas, as well.

The Circle K, Shell, and QV stations had gas on Tuesday, but employees said they had received shipments late on Monday after spending hours with none.

The City of Auburn received a shipment from its supplier on Tuesday, which Jeff Ramsey, Auburn's Public Works Director, said was a relief.

"We're always concerned about our fuel," Ramsey said. "In fact, we're in the process of building another location to store fuel in case of emergencies."

Ramsey said there have been other times when the city has had similar concerns, and the department always has a plan in place for city vehicles to get fuel, even when residents may not have immediate access to it.

Drivers also complained of increased gas prices throughout the area due to the shortage.

An employee at QV said all of the fuel prices were increased; the regular gas was increased by $.37 a gallon, to discourage drivers from flooding in to buy up the gas out of fear of running out.

A representative from the Governor's Office said that Governor Robert Bentley is paying close attention to the issue, and he is working with other state departments to keep close tabs on how it affects residents. Now, that the bypass repair is complete, the main line is expected to start Wednesday.

According to Colonial Pipeline, it will take a few days for the fuel supply chain to fully recover.

Gas station employees for MAPCO and Walmart in Auburn said they hope to see fuel in the next few days.

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