Weather Blog: Last full day of Summer

Weather Blog: Last full day of Summer

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Although the argument can be made "Summer" lasts 12 months of the year here, the technical definition of Summer ends in about 24 hours. Fall begins Thursday, but it will take some time for Fall-like conditions to start to materialize...

TODAY: Another day of mostly sunny conditions and unseasonably warm air. Highs will get into the lower and middle 90s with rain chances remaining close to zero.

Overall, today looks & feels about the same as yesterday.

FALL! The Autumnal Equinox occurs tomorrow as the direct rays of the Sun are overhead the equator. Equinox literally means equal night in Latin, and day & night are roughly equal on the equinox. As we go forward, the direct rays of sunlight start favoring the southern hemisphere as they inch closer to Summer and we settle close to Winter.

We're losing about 2 minutes of daylight each passing day.

Highs into the lower 90s and very low rain chances will continue late week.

THIS WEEKEND: While an isolated storm or two can be dismissed, many stay dry and unseasonably warm.

Models hint at a cold front approaching early next week, which could provide some rain and a quick shot of cooler air. Stay tuned!

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