Weather Blog: Fantastic Friday

Weather Blog: Fantastic Friday

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If you're reading this at work, I'm proud of you. You made the decision to go in despite this sparkling Friday weather. It's about as nice of a Friday forecast as we've had in a long time. Our sparkling sunshine looks like it will be hanging around for awhile, but this cooler air has a bit of a shorter timetable...

TODAY: Highs in the upper 70s to lower 80s with bright blue skies will headline our weather today. We'll head into the evening with our first round of "Fall-like" Friday Night Fever games. The last few weeks, you've probably been fine wearing shorts. Not tonight...dress for a bit of a chill.

Games will start in the 70s, but will quickly fall through the 60s. Could be jacket territory for some.

THIS WEEKEND: The abundant sunshine continues all weekend long, but a gradual warming trend will start to kick in. Expect lower and middle 80s Saturday and upper 80s by Sunday. Still the best weekend we've had in awhile temperature wise.

Auburn's 2:30 kickoff should feature temps in the lower 80s with lots of sunshine.

Alabama's 6:00 kickoff will have a bit less warmth with temps in the upper 70s falling closer to the 60s late. Still clear.

INTO NEXT WEEK: Highs will be back around 90 degrees beginning Monday through much of next week. The pattern still looks dry without any major rain chances in play. Hurricane Matthew should be marching through the Atlantic later next week and could be a big weather maker along the Atlantic seaboard. We would stay well west of any impacts based on current thinking.

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