Montgomery's Magnet School Ad Hoc Committee works to find expansion solution

Montgomery's Magnet School Ad Hoc Committee works to find expansion solution

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Montgomery City Council continues to look at ways to help expand Montgomery Public School's magnet program.

The Magnet School Ad Hoc Committee met Friday morning with MPS Superintendent Margaret Allen and members of the Montgomery Board of Education.

The city council recently hired former LAMP principal Dr. Mary George Jester on an interim basis as a consultant for the committee. Friday's meeting was to discuss her role.

Councilman Glen Pruitt says Jester will serve as a liaison between the council and the board of education.

The board of education has some plans to expand the magnet program, and Pruitt says the council wants to make sure the solution is the most reasonable and attainable plan and Dr. Jester can help the council in that regard.

"There were 1,200-1,500 children left out of our magnet schools this past year and it's our responsibility to not have any children left out of the magnet school experience if they want to go and if they are qualified," says Pruitt. "They pay their taxes and they ought to be able to go to magnet schools if they qualify."

Pruitt says whichever plan is chosen, it will cost millions of dollars so it's important for the council to spend tax payer's money wisely.

Pruitt also said the ad hoc committee is waiting on the board of education to schedule a meeting to talk about magnet expansion options and the committee has asked for Jester to be a part of those meetings and then get a game plan together. He says the city council, along with the help of the board, is hoping to implement something by this next school year.

"We've been trying to fix things for 10 years, 20 years in this town about education. I want something to be fixed next year for the magnet schools and that's where we are headed. We want immediate results," said Pruitt.

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