East Coast on Alert; Alabama quiet

Published: Oct. 4, 2016 at 2:39 PM CDT
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Hurricane Matthew made it's first landfall across western Haiti early this morning at a Category 4 Hurricane. The full extent of the damage remains uncertain at this point, but it is likely to be catastrophic. Matthew will continue to plow northward into Cuba and the Bahamas before setting it's sights on the East Coast...

TODAY: Our weather story is far less complicated. We'll stay mainly sunny through the day with highs very much on the warm side. Expect lower 90s for most of the region. No rain today.

REST OF THE WEEK: We'll do about 90 degrees again tomorrow, but should fall back into the 80s for highs later this week. Dry weather should continue as we keep close tabs on Matthew inching toward the east coast. At this time, we expect zero Alabama impacts from Matthew. We could use some of that rain, but it doesn't look like that will happen.

EAST COAST ON ALERT: Major Hurricane Matthew remains a powerful and dangerous storm. It will slam Cuba later today and move into the Bahamas through tomorrow. Hurricane Watches have now been issued for parts of the east coast of Florida as computer models have trended westward. The picture emerging late week into the weekend is not a pretty one for the eastern seaboard. The prospect of a Hurricane hugging the coastline from Florida to North Carolina & beyond is a very real possibility. That would affect millions of people along the East Coast...but to what extent still remains unclear.

This will be best handled one day at a time, and right now Florida is the first concern getting into Thursday. We could still have a major Hurricane very near Florida's coast. The current forecast track from the National Hurricane Center brings potential Hurricane impacts across coastal South & North Carolina. The cone of uncertainty could get parts of New England involved late in the weekend. It's a mess, but it's a mess that still has wiggle room. The window for error remains fairly large several days out, and changes in the track are still likely. But if you have friends and family with a zip code near the Atlantic ocean, you need to be paying close attention to this. Florida's Hurricane Watches are likely the beginning of many more to come.

In the near term, our best hope is that the mountainous terrain near Matthew disrupts the circulation some. Whatever weakening can occur now will be beneficial, but the environment over the next few days appears favorable for Matthew to maintain it's powerhouse credentials.

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