Suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore reportedly asked to vacate his office

Suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore reportedly asked to vacate his office

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has been asked to remove his personal items from his office, according to the Liberty Council.

According to the Liberty Council, Acting Chief Justice Lyn Stuart sent a letter to Moore Thursday asking him to vacate the office by Tuesday.

"Adding further insult, Stuart states that Chief Justice Moore must be accompanied by a marshal," a news release from the Liberty Council stated.

The news release stated Stuart also informed Moore that she and her staff will start opening any "official looking" mail. Moore's name has also reportedly been removed from the Alabama Supreme Court letterhead.

"Removing the Chief Justice's name from the official Supreme Court letterhead and demanding he remove all his personal items sure looks like removal to any objective observer," said Mat Staver, Moore attorney's and the founder of Liberty Counsel. "The Court of the Judiciary lacked the unanimous 9-0 votes to remove the Chief, but the punishment that the Court created is de facto removal. This recent action by Acting Chief Justice Stuart is premature because the appeal is pending along with a motion to recuse certain members of the Alabama Supreme Court. This prejudgment of the appeal seriously raises doubt that Chief Justice Moore can get a fair hearing. No one should prejudge this case. Chief Justice Moore deserves a fair hearing that is transparent and open to public scrutiny."

The Alabama Court of the Judiciary suspended Moore for the remainder of his term on Sept. 30.

Moore has filed a motion to recuse four of the current justices and three former justices from his appeal.

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