Chief Justice Moore speaks out after suspension

Chief Justice Moore speaks out after suspension

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Chief Justice Roy Moore said he wasn't suspended because of what he did. It was because of what he thinks and believes.

"This is more about what I think and believe than what I've done. What I've done is completely legal," Moore said.

The Court of the Judiciary suspended Moore two weeks ago for the rest of his term without pay or insurance. In a letter sent to the judge Wednesday, Moore was notified he should clean out his office, despite his punishment being only a suspension. The court suspended Moore on charges that his January order to probate justices instructed them to not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

"I think their minds were made up, and they followed through with what they were going to do," Moore said of the judges.

Moore said he was singled out because of his beliefs.

"Because my opinion opposes the agenda of the Human Rights Campaign and others. Well they want me removed, and that's what they are doing," Moore said. "I think they are attacking people on something that is the basis of our country - freedom to exercise religion."

Even though he sits suspended, Moore said his stance on same-sex marriage hasn't changed.

"And it does not change my position that same-sex marriage is a violation of the constitution and doesn't consider the religious liberty of other people." Moore said.

The legal reason for Moore's suspension is an order that Moore thinks was completely in the right.

"A four-page order that no one can point to where it is illegal, unethical, immoral or wrong in any way," Moore said. "It's political, and it's an attack on what I think and believe, not on what I've done legally with an administrative order."

Moore said he has no plans to resign his post as he fights for his appeal. Moore has always been outspoken in his faith. This has led to critics saying his beliefs get in the way of his job.

Moore said faith is part of the foundation of his work.

"We need to go back to the constitution. We need to go back to recognition that our rights come from God. They don't come from government. They don't come from justices that create these rights. The role of government as stated in our organic law is to secure the rights that god gave us," Moore said.

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