City of Montgomery investigating downtown parking meter thefts

City of Montgomery investigating downtown parking meter thefts

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - When a handful of parking meters in Downtown Montgomery were damaged Wednesday night, city officials considered it a rare coincidence.

But after even more turned up broken Friday morning, they knew they had a problem.

"We found out that we now have over 20 parking meters in the last two days, two evenings that have been stolen, taken out of the ground, busted to get the money out of them," said Steve Jones with the City of Montgomery.

Some of the broken meters were found on the sidewalk, in the streets and even hidden behind nearby buildings.

It was a lot of effort for little reward.

"You got about a $900 piece of equipment that's been damaged, which is a felony, for a $4 or $5 benefit of quarters, nickels, and dimes that they've gotten out of them," Jones said. "So we want to stop the damage to our equipment."

Jones says the public should call police if they see it happen again.

"We're on busy thoroughfares. We're on Maxwell Boulevard. We have some happened over on Montgomery Street over by the Rosa Parks museum. If you see something, please call 911. There is no reason for anybody to be removing a parking meter at any point in the evening. That's really a stupid reason to go to jail - for destroying parking meters," Jones said.

The city of Montgomery has more than 1,800 parking meters. The Montgomery Police Department is investigating these crimes.

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