Rep. Roby talks election, GOP plan after un-endorsing Trump

Rep. Roby talks election, GOP plan after un-endorsing Trump

GREENVILLE, AL (WSFA) - Congress is in recess until Mid-November, allowing politicians to come home and campaign before Election Day.

Rep. Martha Roby made a stop in Greenville Wednesday to promote what House Republicans are working on.

Roby spoke to members of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce to promote the Republican agenda called A Better Way.

"National Security, getting the government out of the health care business, tax reform, focusing on our economy, and our job creation and how important that is to American families," Roby said. "The idea behind A Better Way is to pave the way for victory in the future."

But victory in the present for Republicans, especially at the presidential level, is far from guaranteed. Roby says she's doing her part to ensure Congress remains in conservative control.

"Whether we're going to be playing offense or defense after Nov. 8, if we don't have the majority in the House of Representatives, we'll be unable to do that. It's just as important that we maintain a majority in the senate. So I'm working very hard to help my colleagues get across the finish line," Roby said.

Roby might be right to focus her energy on Republican majorities in the legislative branch.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll released Sunday shows 46 percent of registered voters prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress, while 44 percent want a Republican-controlled Congress.

Numerous polls also show Hillary Clinton defeating Donald Trump in November.

After that now infamous tape of Trump making lewd comments was released nearly two weeks ago, Roby pulled her support from the Republican presidential nominee.

"For me, when I saw the video where Mr. Trump was boasting and advocating for sexual assault against women, that was a line for me. As a mother of two kids just making their way in the world, that is a place that I was unwilling to go and quite frankly, unwilling to justify," Roby said. "I respect people who disagree with me on that. But I'm focusing my energy now on ensuring that we work towards keeping that majority in the House and in the Senate."

Roby was supposed to speak at a Pike County Republican Women's meeting next week.

That invitation was pulled after Roby pulled her support from Trump.

Bob Rogers, another person who disagrees with Roby's un-endorsement, is mounting a write-in campaign to remove Roby from office.

Rogers previously ran against Roby in the primaries and lost.

"She has betrayed the people of the 2nd District, most of which are for Trump and that's poor judgment as I understand it on her part because she ought to know those factors," Rogers said. "If you pull your support for Trump and even vote for another republican, it's like a vote for Hillary."

Roby says she never asked anyone to follow her lead and even though she describes Hillary Clinton as "horrible," the congresswoman says she's willing to work with a Clinton Administration.

"My job is to advocate for the things [sic] that is so important for the people that I represent," Roby said. "When it comes to our veterans, when it comes to our military men and women, absolutely I will work with whoever's in the White House to ensure that the people of Alabama's 2nd District are being well-advocated for and well-represented. That will always be where I come from."

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