Weather Blog: Another tease

Weather Blog: Another tease

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Sunshine this morning is being filtered by high clouds ahead of a system to our north. Normally, this would be our first sign of wetter days to come. But there hasn't been anything normal about October thus far. A frontal boundary will try and slide southward, but its effort isn't going to be enough to quench our thirst...

TODAY: Filtered sunshine will continue into the afternoon with a gradual thickening of clouds late. There no rain to be had, but that filtered sunshine will help keep highs a few degrees cooler than yesterday. We'll still get into the lower 80s, well above normal for this time of year.

THURSDAY & BEYOND: A line of showers & storms will start to fade as it approaches Alabama early Thursday. The boundary responsible for this rain will be washing out, and I have significant reservations about putting ANY rain chance in our forecast Thursday.

It appears that if Alabama is going to see some rain, it's likely going to stay to our north. Still, I'll maintain a 10% shot of a shower/rumble. But I want to stress...please do not expect any rain out of this. You'll be pleasantly surprised if you end up being one of the lucky few.

Without any real airmass change making it's way this far south, we won't see any major change to this warm pattern. In fact, temperatures will rebound slightly late week into the weekend. Sunshine will continue, so our drought situation will continue to worsen. An update to the Drought Monitor will be released tomorrow morning, and the area has seen zero rain since last Thursday. You can guess what it's going to look like.

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