Weather Blog: Great weather, still no rain

Weather Blog: Great weather, still no rain

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Another Thursday, another worsening of drought conditions per the updated drought monitor. There has been a lot of talk about a pattern flip coming toward the middle of the month. And that still appears to be valid. But it's important to remember a few things. The pattern we're currently in favors very little rain. But you can still get instances that seem to circumvent that statement (it just hasn't panned out that way).

Conversely, flipping to a more active pattern favors more widespread rain events. But it does not guarantee your particular location benefits from each wave along that active streak. The odds for rain go up, but it's the individual rain events spread out over time that make the impact. So there's still an element of luck involved regardless of the pattern in place. We need luck to start siding with us.

TODAY: The latest drought monitor doesn't look a whole lot aesthetically different from last week, but the area has received near zero rain.

Trends support another 7 days without any appreciable rainfall.

Sunshine has returned this morning with a little frost in a few spots! That sunshine will warm us up quickly with afternoon highs approaching the middle 70s. Beautiful day.

We'll do the same tomorrow.

THIS WEEKEND: A dry cold front will clear in time for the weekend, dropping temperatures down a notch. Highs Saturday will hover around 70ish and may not climb out of the 60s Sunday.

We should trend back toward the middle 70s into next week. Longer range guidance suggests a frontal boundary approaching late week into next weekend, so that appears to be our next realistic shot for any water.

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