Granddaughters of 81-year-old gunshot victim ask for help

Granddaughters of 81-year-old gunshot victim ask for help
(Source: Foster Family)
(Source: Foster Family)

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - According to the Auburn Police Department, officers responded to a call about shots fired on the 500 block of Pitts Street in Auburn in early morning hours of Nov. 13.

Captain Lorenza Dorsey said, when officers arrived on the scene, they discovered an 81-year-old victim had been shot by bullets that were fired from outside of the home.

The victim, Bertha Williams, suffers from dementia and was her home when she was struck by a bullet in her leg.

Although Williams is in stable condition in a rehabilitation center, her granddaughters, Lynn and Laura Foster said they feel the incident could have been avoided.

"My grandma is 81-years-old," Lynn Foster said. "She shouldn't have to go through this."

The sisters' father, Lawrence Strickland, is one of Williams' two sons. They said they began to worry two years ago when he moved in with their grandmother because neighbors were telling them he was bringing a lot of people in and out of the house.

"My grandma would tell me that she wanted her house back," Laura Foster said.

However, the process to have the visitors reported was too much of a hassle for the elderly woman, especially considering her condition.

"My biggest fear is that someone would get hurt," Lynn Foster said.

Now, that they know their grandmother is okay, the girls want to make sure that the neighborhood they grew up in gets back to the way it was.

"We want for some from DHR (Department of Human Resources) to come out and do a thorough investigation," Laura Foster said. "We just want to prevent this sort of thing. That's all."

Foster said the neighborhood is full of elderly people, and that incidents like what happened with her grandmother should not happen. Although the sisters said they fear their uncle will keep them from seeing their grandmother, out of retaliation, they are happy she is in a 24-hour care facility.

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