Transitional home for veterans opens in Montgomery

Published: Dec. 21, 2016 at 3:05 AM CST|Updated: Dec. 21, 2016 at 3:28 AM CST
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MONTGOMERY CO., AL (WSFA) - A once vacant building in Montgomery is now serving a much needed purpose.

The National Faith Based Chamber of Commerce and the PDI Faith Based Veterans Repair Initiative are giving homeless and newly released veterans a fresh start.

You've likely heard of a business incubator, but what about a non-profit model?

"I'm a veteran myself, 24-year veteran, so it's like veteran helping veteran," said Leighton Gordon, Bishop and CEO.

Gordon oversees one of the 25 non-profits affiliated with a new transitional home for veterans.

"It feels good to be a part of something bigger than myself," Gordon said.

Those involved with the project say their non-profit incubator model is a first in the nation, and they're partnering with the VA, utilizing their services to help homeless and formally incarcerated veterans.

"That's the purpose of this incubator so we can get them re-entered into society with job services, educational programs anything they need that will help them be more productive in the community," said Denise Davis, executive director of Church on the Road.

Officials hope to have the 70-bed facility filled up by the end of January, and they're going to start processing intake forms as early as next week.

"These veterans out there we call them bums under the bridge and again these guys put their lives for you and others so we can talk about Washington, let's do something on the local level," said Dr. William Paul, president of Church on the Road.

It's a one stop shop to help men, women, and their families, who gave the ultimate sacrifice, helping them transition back into society and giving them hope.

"We're trained to kill, not trained to live. We go in one way and out another. We call it MIA, not missing in action but missing in America," Paul said.

As veterans move on to permanent housing, they'll leave their names on a transition tree, symbolizing growth and stability as they enter the civilian world.

The transitional facility for veterans is located at 2525 East South Blvd.

Organizers hope to expand the non-profit incubator model to another educational based facility.

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